hermes LAPIN




An amalgamation of the winged helm-wearing Greek god and the French word for "rabbit".
There is no particular meaning.



I'm an illustrator and designer from the SF Bay Area. I spent five years in Tokyo for postgraduate studies and working as a designer in the game industry. I've been back home since 2013 and now work full time for a publishing company. I'm an admirer of Japanese design aesthetic (和風) in daily life, and I really like rabbits. My dream is to have a rabbit of my own, but I'm too afraid I'll be too busy and it would get lonely.

Interests include games, B級グルメ, cooking, sewing, origami, Gunpla, and generally anything which involves making things with my hands. 


Digital: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CLIP STUDIO PAINT, Wacom Intuos 3
Analog: Pilot 製図用インク, NIKKO Gペン, ゼブラマルペン, COPIC